Things I've written down that I might want to reference later.
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      1 What I Want in a Mobile Browser
      2 -------------------------------
      4 Created on 2019-03-28
      6 It should be capable of displaying the full web, but not required to do so.
      8 It should have an option like Firefox for Android to display images:
      9 - Always
     10 - Only on WiFi
     11 - Never
     12 Likewise, it should have similar options for javascript and cookies.
     14 Both of the above options should be able to be set per site. That is, only download images and JS on wifi, but always download everything on domains
     15 It would also be nice to have a temp whitelist: That is, never allow images/js/cookies, but allow them for this session. 
     17 Ad blocking is must
     19 If images are not being displayed, alt text should be (Firefox absolutely fails in this regard)
     21 Come to think of it, these things do not apply to just a mobile browser, but to everything. Why is it so difficult to get these options in a browser? If I were smarter, I would do it myself. Maybe it's time to figure out some programming...