Things I've written down that I might want to reference later.
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      1 Title: Printing in OpenBSD
      2 Date: 2018-06-19
      4 Printing in OpenBSD is not difficult to figure out, especially if you're using 
      5 a black and white printer that can use the HP LaserJet 5 printer (Which is, to
      6 my knowledge, every black and white printer). But getting Firefox to see CUPS
      7 printers... Well that was another thing. So here's a post to help me remember
      8 what I did, becuase it's not exactly intuitive--though it's still pretty easy.
     10 The first step, obviously, will be to install CUPS and start cupsd.
     12     # pkg_add cups
     13     # rcctl enable cupsd
     14     # rcctl start cups
     16 Then, go to `http://localhost:631`, and add your printer. Hopefully your
     17 printer is supported out of the box, because I'm not really sure what to do
     18 there if it's not. The HP LaserJetSeries PCL 4/5 driver is a pretty safe bet
     19 for any B/W printer, though. BTW, this is true of all operating systems, and
     20 actually a trick I learned from a Windows admin. Once the printer is added to
     21 CUPS, and you've verified that you can print to it (using `lp(1)`), install `
     22 tk+3-cups`. 
     24 That's it. I didn't even have to restart Firefox. I don't know why nobody has
     25 documented this weird little quirk, but there it is now. Good luck on your
     26 OpenBSD journey!
     28 ~take it easy