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      1 Some Notes on Using a Tilde Server
      2 ----------------------------------
      4 If you're using a tilde server, it's probably because you want to interact
      5 socially with others on the same server. The obvious solution is to use IRC,
      6 since most tilde servers are probably part of the tildeverse IRC network: see
      9 But there are other ways to interact. First you might want to `ls /home` to
     10 check who else is on the server. Maybe you know some of them! You can use
     11 `mail(1)` to send them some mail. If you don't know them, try using finger(1)
     12 to see who they are. You'll get interesting stats on the user, such as when they
     13 last logged in, and from where, what shell they use, and their... Plan? What is
     14 this?
     16 A plan is a short message you can specify for users who finger you. create a
     17 a file at `~/.plan` and tell other users a little about yourself!
     19 ## Add an email forward
     21 Unless you plan to log into your tilde server every day, you'll probably
     22 want email forwarded to a mailbox you actually monitor. Again, remember
     23 that a tilde server is inherently social, so *be social!* Forwarding email
     24 is very straightforward: Simply create a file in your home directory named
     25 `.forward` with a comma separated list of addresses to forward to.
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