Things I've written down that I might want to reference later.
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Adding notes on the 2018 election

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,117 @@ +United States Representative +---------------------------- + +How I intend to vote: Tim Bjorkman (D) + +Why I'm voting that way: Hendrickson seems to have the same understanding of government that all Libertarians have: None, Johnson is an absolute non-starter. + +Bjorkman wants to impose term limits on Congress, which is a long time coming. o + +Governer and Lieutenant Governer +-------------------------------- + +How I intend to vote: Billie Sutton (D) + +Why I'm voting that way: Sutton represents a refreshing change for South Dakota. He has campaigned on our broken healthcare system and the high cost of education. Hopefully he can do something about that. + +Noem is a complete non-starter. In all the time she has been a representative, she has never responded to a single request that didn't already agree with her position. + +Secretary of State +------------------ + +Steve Barnett (R), Alexandra Frederick (D) + +I haven't formed a decision yet. + +Attorney General +---------------- + +How I intend to vote: Randy Seiler (D) + +Why I intend to vote that way: According to the Rapid City Journal. As former U.S. attorney for the District of South Dakota, Seiler essentially performed the role of attorney general for the federal courts. He resigned after changes in the White House foreshadowed his inevitable departure. Seiler has no plans to seek another elected office after becoming attorney general. He won?t spend the next four years leaning on experienced staff while campaigning for governor. He has no reason to waste taxpayer dollars by playing politics with the rule of law. + +State Auditor +------------- + +Rich Sattgast (R), Tom Cool (D) + +No decision made yet. + +State Treasurer +--------------- + +Josh Haeder (R), Aaron Matson (D) + +No Decision made yet. + +Commissioner of School and Public Lands +--------------------------------------- + +Ryan Brunner (R), Woody Houser (D) + +No decision made yet. + +Public Utilities Commissioner +----------------------------- + +Kristie Fiegen (R), Wayne Frederick (D) + +ndmy + +State Senator District 7 +------------------------ + +V.J. Smith (R), Marry J. Perpich (I) + +State Respresentative Distict 7 +------------------------------- + +Vote for up to two: +Doug Post (R), Tim Reed (R), Zachary Kovach (D), Dwight W. "Bill" Adamson (D), Cory Ann Ellis (I) + +ndmy + +States Attorney +--------------- + +How I intend to vote: Teree Nesvold (I) + +Why I'm voting that way: I've dealt with Nesvold on a personal matter in the past, and she demonstrated an understanding of the law, and doesn't lean on imprisonment as a form of punishment. + +Supreme Court Retention of Justic Janine M. Kern - 1st District +--------------------------------------------------------------- + +ndmy + +Constitutional Amendment W +-------------------------- + +ndmy - Generally not in favor of approving CAs. + +Constitutional Amendment X +-------------------------- + +How I intend to vote: Yes + +Why I intend to vote that way: Constitutional amendments should be difficult to approve, as they are difficult to revoke. + +Constitutional Amendment Z +-------------------------- + +How I intend to vote: Yes + +Why I intend to vote that way: Sneaking provisions into popular amendments should not be allowed. It's an underhanded tactic. + +IM 24 +----- + +How I intend to vote: Yes + +Why I intend to vote that way: There is far too much money in politics. I've seen and heard to many anti-IM25 ads this year due to big tobacco trying to keep prices low. + +IM 25 +----- + +How I intend to vote: Yes + +Why I intend to vote that way: An increased tax will encourage smokers to smoke less, leading to a healthier society, and the extra taxes go toward lowering tuitions to technical institutes.