Things I've written down that I might want to reference later.
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Added some D&D notes.

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diff --git a/dnd/campaignnotes.txt b/dnd/campaignnotes.txt @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@ +Zolari sees a soul fly into the tomb every hour or so. + +While Quill sleeps, he sees a vision, a small flame in the distance. As he stares at it, it envelopes him, scorching his feathers. He watches as Makara holds out her hand, and a rush of coolness surrounds him. The flame flickers weakly, then is extinguished. + + +The Efreeti vizier Nur-Diipatusu has been poisoning the Grand Sultan in an attempt at a coup. To distract from his involvement, he launched a campaign against the Plane of Elemental Water some three years ago that has seen several small skirmishes, and is on the brink of all out war. + +Many in the City of Brass fear such a conflict, as it would prove devastating to the common folk, and disastrous for those who understand the balance of the cosmos. Wizards studying the matter see a possibility of losing all heat in the multiverse. + +Nur-Diipatusu has convinced many denizens that the Water Elementals are the agressor. Those who beleive him think that war is the only option to stop the flames of life from being snuffed out. + +An aboleth named Te'oma has taken note of these events, and while it does not care for the creatures living in the Plane of Elemental Fire, it finds the ruckus and brewing war to be an inconvenience. To save it the trouble, it has given a small portion of its power to the Kenku called Quill, and is subtly manipulating him into stopping the conflict. As a reward, he will break the curse of the Kenku, but only for Quill. diff --git a/dnd/elementalfire.txt b/dnd/elementalfire.txt @@ -0,0 +1,9 @@ +"You feel your body being pulled in a direction you do not understand. The room around you collapses into a tunnel in front of you, then a point of light, finally, nothingness. + +"You feel a weight on your chest. Your body is being pulled apart...No, pushed together. Cold. Hot. You look around but see nothing. You reach for your weapons, but your hands move through your body. Or did they move at all? + +"There is a wind howling in your ears, and simultaneously, the ringing of silence. When you realize you're holding your breath, you gasp, but find no air to sooth your burning lungs. + +"Light now. Warmth. Heat. The wind increases as you ears pop. Your face is blasted with hot air and dust... or is it ash? You take a deep breath, and the air scorches your lungs. The wind is wicking away all moisture from your skin. You look around and see nothing but the uneven basalt ground, stretching about sixty feet in all directions, before disappearing in the haze of soot. + +Carved into the ground below you is a half circle with a flame coming out of it, and an arrow pointing off into the unknown.