Things I've written down that I might want to reference later.
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Mostly about fingering users and your plan (stop snickering!)

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,19 @@ +Some Notes on Using a Tilde Server +---------------------------------- + +If you're using a tilde server, it's probably because you want to interact +socially with others on the same server. The obvious solution is to use IRC, +since most tilde servers are probably part of the tildeverse IRC network: see + + +But there are other ways to interact. First you might want to `ls /home` to +check who else is on the server. Maybe you know some of them! You can use +`mail(1)` to send them some mail. If you don't know them, try using finger(1) +to see who they are. You'll get interesting stats on the user, such as when they +last logged in, and from where, what shell they use, and their... Plan? What is +this? + +A plan is a short message you can specify for users who finger you. create a +a file at `~/.plan` and tell other users a little about yourself! + | Last edited 2018-11-29